Avocado Tea Sandwiches

Food blogging is hard work! I have lots of ideas for posts, but please bear with me while I start small. Today, I made super simple avocado tea sandwiches.  Tasty and attractive, they make a great  light lunch for one.  You could also put a bunch of them on a platter if you’re having friends over. Here is what you need for one serving:

1/2 an avocado

2 tsp lime

diced tomato (I like to use a few grape tomatoes)

2 chopped scallions

1-2 tsp sesame seeds

bread of your choice










Pour the lime over your avocado and mash it up with a fork. You can do this directly in the avocado skin, if you like. The lime not only adds a zesty flavor to the sandwich– it also keeps the avocado from turning brown.

Spread the avocado on your bread. I used sliced whole wheat. If you have a soft bread, you may want to toast it so the sandwiches are a little sturdier.

Sprinkle the chopped tomato and scallions over the avocado, and top with sesame seeds. I cut mine into triangles. Easy!


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